Our purpose

We exist to celebrate and support our great NHS

We're on a mission to create a world where the incredible work done by everyone at the NHS is met with an equal dose of incredible respect and support by the nation.

The NHS has been supporting us since 5th July 1948.
Let's celebrate them together with NHSWEAR.

how nhswear began

As we toasted in a new year and people around the world welcomed 2020, we had little idea the new decade would start with a global pandemic that would bring the world to its knees by March. We all watched the crisis unfolding first in China, then exploding in Italy before spreading to almost every corner of the globe.

Inevitably, it reached Britain and our beloved NHS is now facing the fight of its life in preparing to meet this global pandemic head on. The NHS is one of the most comprehensive health care systems in the world, available to any British citizen rich or poor. It is the backbone of Britain.  As it faces its toughest test to date, now is the time to do something, to support and to help in whichever way we can.

And so we created NHSWear : a collection of clothes and goods heroing the NHS logo. All profits go to the NHS to raise money for the NHS's hardest hit areas -  wherever the money is needed the most. 100% of the profits of each of our products goes straight to the NHS.

But money only goes so far. And money does not buy spirit. Over the coming months our NHS and all the tireless heroes that work in it will have their spirit pushed to the brink. We want to show that we see you, from cleaners to consultants, porters to physiotherapists, we cannot be more thankful right now - we'll wear our NHSWear as a sign of solidarity and with pride.

Who created NHSWEAR

NHSWEAR is created by Joe Furr and Anneka Edwick. By day we run our design studio, Point. By night we've been working away on NHSWEAR. It's an idea we've had for some time, and as the COVID19 pandemic started to pick up speed, so did we. We wanted a way to apply our skillset with brand and digital design to help the NHS. We've each relied on our health service throughout our lives and we wanted to find a way to show our appreciation.

If you have questions for either of us you can reach us directly at team@nhswear.co.uk